#ROW80 Check-In, WTF Snow edition

Good Sunday, all! Is that a thing? Wishing people a good specific weekday? It is now. Happy Sunday!

Just a quick check-in today. First of all, can I just say that it is SNOWING here? Like, beginning-to-look-a-lot-like-Christmas, oh-wait-it-wasn’t-this-snowy-at-Christmas snow. IT SUCKS. I’m sure the plants in the garden agree. There’s probably a writing metaphor in that, too, but I’m not going to think about that today.


The view out my front window this morning

Sick, right? I know.

But anyway, writing! I was able to join the Writing Ninjas in a twitter write-in on Wednesday night, which boosted my word count, and writing a few exciting scenes yesterday and on Friday helped, too. Friday was an over-2000 day, which is good for me. I hope those days will become more common when I have no-kids time during the day in September, but who knows?

Some days weren’t so great, but I think I’m still sticking fairly close to the 1,000 word a day goal if you average it out.

I’m not doing so well with getting up early to write, but that’s mostly because of the up-past-midnight writing sessions the night before, so I’ll give myself a pass on that.

I think I need to toss some reading goals in, too, since reading is such an important part of our development as writers. I’m going to say a novel a week; might not happen (depends a LOT on the book), but I have quite a few books waiting for my attention. Divergent kept me up late last night; I have problems with the story and particularly with the concept of the dystopia, but it’s a compelling read, even if so far it seems like a really, really long training montage in a movie. It’s interesting to read a first-person present tense story while I’m writing one, when the voices are so different. I think I’m getting used to reading this style.

So let’s go with that for this week. 1,000 words a day on The Vampire Thing That Refuses To Be Named (which is looking like it’ll settle somewhere in the 30,000 word range), finish reading Divergent and then move on to the next book I need to finish. I think I’ll finish all of the in-progress reads before moving on. Mmm-hmm. Orgainzation! Whee! Also, reasonable bedtimes and up early, except for maybe on Thursday if I’m up late at the write-in again on Wednesday.

Oh, and one more thing: apparently there’s a #ROW80 participant/sponsor/all-around good type named Lauralynn Elliott who’s having some trouble right now. Her husband is very sick, and they need help. She has several books out in the fantasy/paranormal/romance genres; I haven’t read them yet, but if anyone wants to check them out, here’s the link. Book sales can’t hurt! Here’s the most recent post on other ways people are looking to help (with incentives!), if you’re interested. Since I have no money, I can only help spread the word. :/




To see all of the other #ROW80 updates, click here. To join the fun, check it out here!


About Kate Sparkes

Kate Sparkes was born in Hamilton, Ontario, but now resides in Newfoundland, where she tries not to talk too much about the dragons she sees in the fog. She lives with five cats, two dogs, and just the right amount of humans. USA Today bestselling author of the Bound Trilogy (mature YA Fantasy), Into Elurien, and Vines and Vices. Writing dark, decadent, and deadly Urban Fantasy as Tanith Frost. www.katesparkes.com www.tanithfrost.com View all posts by Kate Sparkes

22 responses to “#ROW80 Check-In, WTF Snow edition

  • L. Marie

    Snow? Wow. You don’t want to know what the temperature is here. My um condolences. Congrats on your goals and your time with the ninjas. I just love the thought that there are Writing Ninjas. I would totally love it if they suddenly appeared, dressed in black and handled all of my plot issues before disappearing into the night. And thanks for alerting us about Lauralynn Elliott. I’ll drop her a note.

    • katemsparkes

      Yeah, it’s not usually this bad, but horrible weather on the May long weekend is kind of a tradition around here. Still, I’d rather this than the horribly hot summers people get elsewhere. I hate sweating for no good reason, and hot weather doesn’t qualify as a good reason.

      • L. Marie

        It gets horribly hot here, but not as hot as Texas. But we’ve left the snow behind for the season. This is a good time for you to write that snow scene if you have one planned in one of your books. πŸ™‚ As for me, I’m on to a ghostwriting project due in November. This is why I can seldom set specific word count goals. I have to juggle projects in varying stages. *shrugs* Will return to my own draft eventually.

  • Charles Yallowitz

    Snow in May just isn’t right.

  • Lee McAulay

    Snow in May, hmm… You haven’t suddenly relocated to the southern hemisphere without warning, have you? Mind you, here in the UK some of us had snow last weekend. Weird.

    • katemsparkes

      It’s crazy. The weather is never good for Victoria Day weekend, but this is just ridiculous. I blame my husband. He bought new sunglasses, and that’s just tempting fate right there.

  • Shah Wharton

    I’d love a little snow right now – it’s too hot here (Dubai), and not in a good way. Kudos on all the writing, though. I suppose if it were yummier weather, it’d be a distraction. Could look at it that way? Perhaps? πŸ™‚



  • katemsparkes

    I’ll try. No worries, though, I would never judge someone for WordPress’ screw-ups. πŸ™‚

  • Angela Kulig (@angelakulig)

    If it makes you feel better we have already been hotter than 100 degrees F, in Las Vegas. I’d rather have snow than cook alive slowly πŸ˜‰

  • Lauralynn Elliott

    Thank you so much for the mention! Just sending good thoughts to us is such a big help. Hubby is so much better, it seems he’s almost back to normal. The medical bills are just starting to come in, so I have no idea how bad THAT’S going to be. LOL

    You’re having snow? We are, at this very moment, having torrential rain with a thunderstorm!

    Good luck with your writing this week!

  • Eden

    Well, still now snow here (yay!) but we turned back on the heat… It’s rainy and cold and… Hmm, maybe snow would be an improvement?

    I liked your overview of Divergent, since a lot of people have been suggesting it. Not sure if I’m there yet… you know how it is with the book piles by the bed creeping up to the ceiling.

    Or maybe that’s just me?

    Anyway GREAT wordcounts! If hanging out with the Writer Ninjas helps you like that regularly, keep hanging out with them. We also hold a #row80 sprint at 2pm EST on Twitter…kind of relaxed, but great encouragement involved. Join us… join us… jjjjjoooooiiiiinnn ussssss πŸ˜‰

  • Gloria Weber

    More proof that snow is evil. I hope your plants are okay.

    Totally dig adding the reading goal. After hesitating a couple of rounds, I finally have a reading goal, but I have been sucking at it.

    • katemsparkes

      I find my reading goes in cycles. Either I’m devouring everything I can get my hands on, or I can’t get into anything. Kind of runs opposite my writing, actually. We’ll see how I do trying for both at the same time. πŸ™‚

  • Jae

    1000 word goal, is s’no problem, right? πŸ˜‰ I’m originally from Idaho. It often snowed in July, just for no reason, because the weather got bored. I’m guessing it’s much the same where you live. I’d probably go out and build a snowman. All the snow we got this winter, and I never could get the timing right for building a snowman. The snow was usually too cold and powdery. Blah. Well, at least that gives you an excuse to curl up next to the computer with a warm drink of choice and write. πŸ™‚

  • Leslie R.

    What is with the weather lately? Last week, we had temps in the 80s and had to put in our air conditioners (sure, people say you don’t need air conditioners in Montana, but those people don’t live in trailers), and then this week it’s been cold and rainy (but at least no snow!) and we had to turn the heat on again. Bleh.

    Sounds like your goals are going well! Hope you have a great week (and the snow goes away)!

  • alberta

    well its cold here – tho’ the snow missed us by a few miles last week, depressing tho’ its longest day in a few weeks and haven’t got all the veg planted yet:( all the best with this week:)

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