Wednesday Stuff: So Many Question Marks


I think my twitter feed says a lot about how writing went for me this week.

*Wrote. Ugh.


I count this as proof that BICFOK (butt in chair, fingers on keys) works, even when distractions abound and motivation seems to be at a standstill. And the words, they are not all crap. True, I did have to write circles in that one scene with an uncooperative character, and ended up skipping it for now, but this is how the story gets written.

It also gets written with a lot of typos. I blame the excessive amounts of caffeine I’m consuming.

So there you go. Closing in on 30,ooo words now out of a 50,000 word month and a 100,000 word draft goal.

And speaking of those words that I hope are not all crap…

WIPpet Wednesday

For the thirteenth of NOVEMBER (jeez, I wrote October again!) I offer the last 13 paragraphs I wrote, as of right now (this being Tuesday at 11:10 am, because I’m on the ball this week). Aren’s hubris (that should be his middle name, I swear) has got him into trouble, and he’s getting schooled by a secretive warrior-monk-wise man type. We’ve all been there, right?

He released me, and I dropped to the floor, gasping.

“Who are you?” I whispered.

“I think a better question might be who you think you are, Aren. Powerful? Undoubtedly. Intelligent, though inexperienced, and blinded by pride. But what else? You’re not a prince anymore, or your brother’s tool. What will you use your magic for now? What would you be without it? Is there more to you?”

I ignored his questions. “How did you block me without magic?”

“Our potions master is quite good, isn’t he?” Phelun crouched on the floor in front of me. “You don’t understand as much about this world as you think you do. You have been given great gifts, and you squander them. You use them for selfish reasons, to harm and kill and destroy. Do you think this is what the Goddess intended when she blessed you so?”

He offered a hand, and I ignored it, instead pushing myself up from the floor by pressing my back against the door and forcing my legs to straighten.

“I don’t know. Was it her plan for my father and his father before him to plan their marriages to produce the strongest children? Was she at work in his bedroom when I was conceived, or Severn? And where was she when my father and my oldest brother turned me into what I am? It seems she was absent when my mother died, when my caretakers were killed, when I lost the only friends I’d ever had. Did she expect me to rise from the cesspool of hate and mistrust I was born into, to turn my back on the advantages of belonging to the wealthiest and most influential family in the world? To betray them for a deity who’s never given a shit about me?”

“You did betray your family, in the end.”

“Not for her. You said yourself that the magic I use is dark, and not her will. And yet you also say it’s a gift from her. Which is it?”

He stayed where he was, crouched at my feet. “I don’t know,” he said. “But I don’t believe she would have sent you to us if you were beyond redemption, or if I couldn’t help you.”

“So you believe you’ve done good here?”

“Perhaps. The results of our actions are often not immediately apparent. I trust in the Goddess, in my experiences and what my brothers have learned over the centuries.”

“Do you? I trust in myself.”

Oh, my beloved character. You are going to get cut down like a friggin’ Christmas tree.

So there you go, my contrubution in all of its NaNo draft glory. FEEL THE GLORY, HUMANS!

Sorry. Too much coffee again this morning. *tweeks*

If you’d like more WIPpet Wednesday fun, click on over here to see what the other WIPpeteers are up to this week, and as always, feel free to join in! Just post an excerpt on your own blog from a work in progress that somehow relates to today’s date (chapter, number of lines, whatever). We’re a good bunch, I promise. We probably won’t bite… Except for maybe our host, K.L. Schwengel. *flips through notes* Wait. No, she’s bright, not “she’ll bite.” Sorry.

Curious about ROW80, the flexible writing challenge that’s not as insane as NaNoWriMo*? Here’s the link to the site and the blog, from which you can find links to see what everyone else is up to this week. It’s never too late to join in!

*You know I love you, NaNo. gimme a kiss.



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Kate Sparkes was born in Hamilton, Ontario, but now resides in Newfoundland, where she tries not to talk too much about the dragons she sees in the fog. She lives with six cats, two dogs, and just the right amount of humans. USA Today bestselling author of the Bound Trilogy (mature YA Fantasy), Into Elurien, and Vines and Vices. Writing dark, decadent, and deadly Urban Fantasy as Tanith Frost. View all posts by Kate Sparkes

28 responses to “Wednesday Stuff: So Many Question Marks

  • Charles Yallowitz

    I’m laughing about the ‘dear character’ one because I had one of those situations yesterday. My main villain has apparently adopted a little girl and I have no idea why.

  • L. Marie

    You’ve been biz-ay! Poor Aren!!! This line is chilling: “The results of our actions are often not immediately apparent.” Dun-dun-dun!!!!

  • sknicholls

    Good work though. I am so very proud of your word count…your ability to keep up with NaNo in the face of it all. 🙂

  • Fallon

    Enjoyed the excerpt.

    Isn’t it amazing how you get words down even when you seem to not be productive. I surprise myself that way sometimes. And oh, the stubborn characters that don’t do what we want. I know that one too. 🙂

  • Elaine Jeremiah

    Great excerpt Kate. I love Aren’s words about what the goddess hasn’t done for him. He obviously doesn’t give a monkeys about her and I can see why. Glad you’re achieving great things with NaNo! 🙂

  • kathils

    Um . . . definitely lay off the caffeine just a tad, yes? And oh man . . . you *know* how I love Aren! What are you doing to him? Don’t make me beat you with a stick. *flips through notes* Oops, Meet you and make you sick. *puts on cheater glasses* Pick up milk?!!? Damn, that’s the shopping list. Forget it, carry on.

  • Eden

    I must be totally out of it because I had no clue who Ryan Reynolds was until I just Googled him–mmmm, those eyes…..!

    Are you quite sure you got your notes right? I distinctly remember something about biting….

    Sounds like Aren could use a bite or two out of his ego. But I see that you’ve got that well in hand… or maybe he does, give how he’s moving about on you. 😉

  • booksbysmiles

    LOL, I was enjoying the excerpt, and then what topped it off was your ending thoughts, “Oh my beloved character. You are going to get chopped down like a friggin’ Christmas tree.” I seriously have a thing for male characters getting their strong egos chopped down and sewn back up to look like a nice charming Frankenstein afterwards. I love it!

  • Jae

    “I need you to get hurt.” 😉 Totally know the feeling. I’ve got one character who was dead in Book 1 before I rewrote it. Now he’s alive and I’m trying to figure out what to do with him half the time.

    Me: So, um, you’re still here.
    Character: Sure am.
    Me: And you’re here because….
    Character: Well *scoffing* isn’t that your job?
    Character: *yawning* No you won’t. You can’t. Book 1 changes, remember. Bwahahahaha!


  • ReGi McClain

    Sounds like there will be some great fight scenes in the future! Woohoo! 🙂

    • Kate Sparkes

      I want SO BADLY to tell people about the things I have planned. I need to get these books out so I don’t explode from OMG SEKRITS. 🙂

      • ReGi McClain

        LOL! I’m so much the opposite. I’ll think I’ve done well, but then get so nervous that other will not agree, that I’m having to push myself to get things “ready” for betas.

        • Kate Sparkes

          I used to be like that. Having good crit partners and beta readers has helped me realize that no matter how much I tweak the story, they’re going to have issues. Better to get it out there and know what’s what than to slave for years and THEN find out I’m on the wrong track. 🙂

  • Christina Olson

    I amazed you were able to get anything written at all if Ryan Reynolds was on the TV!

    Interesting snippet. I feel bad for Aren and what he’s gone through in the past, but yeah, it sounds like he could use getting chopped down to size a bit!

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