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Setting the Date: Last Call! (ROW80 Update)

Voice in my head: Gooooing to the chap-PULL and we’re… GONNA get…

Me: Not that kind of date-setting.

Nope, just the cover reveal for Bound.

We’re going to do the full cover and blurb* reveal Monday, June 2, 2014, God willing and fates co-operating. We’ll also have the release date by then. And the option of adding it to your Goodreads TBR shelf.

VIMH: Oh, that old book thing? People are going to get sick of hearing about that. You never shut up about it.

Me: I know, I don’t want to pester people. I just have a little… issue. Thing.

VIMH: Just the one issue? Really?

Me: Ugh. YES. You see, my master list of Awesome Helping Type Peoples disappeared in the Great Basement Floodening, when I had to evacuate my office. I’ve been looking through e-mails people sent me and comments on blog posts, but I know I’m missing a few people, and I don’t have an e-mail address for others**. If you want to help a gal out, please please pretty please comment or send me an e-mail (kate.sparkes (at) live.ca). If I haven’t heard from you yet but you’d like to join in on June 2, let me know. The more the merrier!  I’ll link back to your blog from here and also the facebook place.

For anyone who missed it, we had a wee cover preview on my Facebook author page. You know you want to look. Go on… I’ll wait.

Oh, and I have a few spots left for free ARCs (advance review copies) if anyone’s willing to read and leave an honest review on Goodreads, Amazon, wherever. And of course, if anyone wants to host ANYTHING around release day or any time after, I’m open. Interviews, character interviews, guest posts. I’m not doing a blog tour, not doing big promotion when I only have one book out, so anything that helps get the word out will earn my VERY MUCH OF GRATITUDE.

So that’s it. No more pestering, no more OMG IT’S ALMOST TIME, no more freak-outs until June 2. I promise. You’re welcome.


Finished read-through on Bound.

Sat here to do part of it. *sigh*

Sat here to do part of it. *sigh*

Not quite the same as reading with fresh eyes, but that was the closest I’ve ever come to reading it just for fun. And it was SO FUN. Hooray! Now it’s off to a few people (kind, brave souls) who are going to slap me silly over typos and such, and then the rest of the advance copies go out.

No big deal. I can do this.

Formatting is coming along… eh. I’m going to have to hire someone for the paperback formatting, but I think with Scrivener’s help I can do the e-books. Whether those play nice with distributors is another issue. If anyone has advice on this, feel free to share with the class!

*”blurb” still sounds wrong to me. Blurb is what other authors write to put on your cover or inside of the book. I prefer “back cover copy,” but whatever. People say blurb. Cool people. PEER PRESSURE.

**If you haven’t heard from me via Facebook or e-mail in the past few days, I don’t have your info.



Pleases and Thank Yous and OMG A BOOK: ROW80 goals post, round 2

So this goals post is a week late. I said last Sunday that I was putting it off because of my surgical thinger on Monday (UPDATE: everything is fine, general anaesthesia is creepy, painkillers are kind of fun but I’m off of them now). That was true, but it wasn’t all of it. I was waiting to get stuff back from my editor, and I wanted to make sure his evaluation wasn’t going to be KILL IT NOW WITH FIRE AND EXTREME PREJUDICE before I made goals public.

Wouldn’t want to have to retract my goals now, would I?


This has the potential to be a huge round for me. I’m not going to lie, I might need you all to talk me down from an 8th-floor window ledge at least once, assuming I can find a building anywhere around here with eight floors.

Why? Because this round covers April 7 to June 26, and depending on how things go… no promises just yet… I might just have a book out by the end of this round.


Pictured: Holy Carp.

Pictured: Holy Carp.

I got the edits back, and they’re exactly what I had hoped for. My guy is a master of the “sh*t sandwich” technique. No punches pulled on things that need improvement, but some of what he said was so encouraging that I fell asleep smiling the night I got and read the (20 page) critique. When I read the line notes, I spent equal amounts of time slapping my forehead over silly little mistakes and grinning like an idiot because he totally got what I was going for so much of the time.

I’ll do a post on this experience later, because it was so interesting.

The important thing is that he had ideas on how to fix problems I already knew existed, and came up with suggestions that are really going to push this thing up to a whole ‘nother level.

I’m both excited and pants-crappingly terrified. It’s… different.

So what are we looking at over the next few months? A THRILLING roller-coaster of me working on that in a most professional manner and handling all of my other plans and responsibilities with the grace and aplomb of Martha Stewart organizing a dinner party, obviously.


But seriously. Professionalism is this round’s goal. Distance. This isn’t my baby anymore. It’s a product, and if I have anything to say about it, it’ll be a damned good one. I know I’m insecure about a lot of things, but I’m absolutely confident about that.

So, the goals. Please note that these could change and things could get pushed back. But:


  • Edit Bound (pray for me, send happy thoughts, whatever. Please. I’m new at this.)
  • Write back-cover copy (SOMEBODY SAVE ME)
  • set up Facebook author page, change personal account name for consistency
  • hire proof-reader (anyone know someone cheap? I’m pretty well out of cash)
  • find reviewers who might be interested in YA Fantasy (again, if you know anyone, or are someone and want an ARC, see below)
  • put together front-matter and back-matter for the book, metadata, keywords, etc


  • finish edits
  • send out newsletter with release date, cover reveal date, preview, and request for readers willing to review ARCs in exchange for a free copy (sign-ups here, if you’re DTR**)
  • Formatting (kill me now)
  • cover reveal here and on other blogs, if anyone wants to assist… *puppy dog eyes*
  • apply for ISBNs
  • submit to CreateSpace, order proof copy, correct all the things
  • Prepare for awesome-yet-smallish Facebook release party (you’re coming, right?)
  • Add to Goodreads, set up give-away
  • revisions on book 2 (we’ll call this a stretch goal)


  • Upload to Amazon, Smashwords
  • LAUNCH THIS THING *smashes champagne bottle on Kindle*
  • Release party
  • mood swings, morning after regret, probable IBS
  • Draft book three for JuNoWriMo if revisions on 2 are done. Otherwise, keep up with that and get to book 3 later.


This timeline terrifies me. I’ve been 100% sure I wanted to publish independently for almost a year, but the traditional-minded part of me is still screaming “YOU CAN’T DO IT THAT QUICKLY! SO WRONG!” I’m still amazed when I see authors post things like, “Well, finished a draft, guess I’ll release next month.”

Um… *hides under table*

Time to stop wussing out, though. This is my job now. As entrepreneurial ventures go, it’s a risky one. I just have to learn to be OK with that.

Now, before things get too crazy, I think I should take a minute to thank all of you. My WIPpeteers, my blog friends, my real-life friends who care and have encouraged me and put up with my “should-I-or-shouldn’t-I” crap, and especially those who have read my stuff… you’re all the reason I’m going ahead with this. Your love and encouragement have meant the world to me, and have given me the confidence to follow this dream. You’ve convinced me that this is a gamble that’s going to pay off (in satisfaction and experience, even if not in cash). Your advice and assistance have brought me this far. So thank you.


Anything else y’all think I should be doing to get ready?

Oh, and if you need to reach me privately about anything, my contact info is in the “About Me” tab.


*Not written like this. You’re welcome.

**Down to read.



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