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First Draft Hell

It’s Camp NaNoWriMo time, and oodles of writers all over the world are in a special kind of first draft hell. As we approach the midpoints of our stories, plotters and pantsers alike might be feeling tempted to throw in the towel.

So that’s what this week’s video is about. A look at the things I tend to struggle with as I fight my way through first drafts (and it usually is a fight–none of this comes easy to me) and how I try to change my perspective so I’ll keep fighting.



Letter From Camp

Hidey-ho, readeroonies!

Hang on…

Sorry, got in summer camp mode there for a minute. Apparently a far-too-enthusiastic clown camp of some sort. Sorry about that.

Things are great here at Camp NaNo… at least, the part in my head. In there it’s all pleasantly cool breezes off the lake and clear sunsets just before campfire and s’more time, with writing and horseback riding in between activities.

Outside of my head, not so much.

Both of the kids have been sick for a week with a nasty head cold and occasional fever. We’re constantly battling over nose wipings and medicine takings, and nights have been rotten. Also, and I don’t want to perpetuate a stereotype here, but they both have what is generally known as “the man cold.” I’m needed at all times, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing.

I’m still hovering around 2,000 words. Not great.

But the week hasn’t been all bad, not by a long shot. I’m grateful that I’ve (thus far) escaped with only a slight stuffy nose and a few headaches. I had one day where we got out of the house and to the dollar store and Walmart, and it shall go down in history as “the day I got those super pretty notebooks.” That was the same day my paperback copy of the Deptford Trilogy came in the mail, and my sponsor goodies for camp. SWEET!


Even better, the wonderful Jae at Lit and Scribbles featured me/this blog on Wednesday. Isn’t that nice? I’m very excited to see who else she’s got lined up to talk to this month– you should go check it out, too! New friends are always fun.

I guess that’s about all I have to report for the week. Almost done “final” (oh, it is to laugh!) revisions to chapter 6 and 7 of Bound, and I may have found the perfect critique partner if she decides to stick with me. The other new project still insists on bouncing around in my head, but that’s OK- I’ve got these new notebooks handy so I can brain-vomit the ideas out fairly quickly.

So far next week’s looking pretty quiet around here, but I have a few posts scheduled (one featuring many immoral things you don’t want to hear about). Don’t go too far, though; if anything interesting happens, or if I really need to procrastinate, I’ll be around.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Anybody got big plans?

Know What’s Coming Next Week?

Camp NaNoWriMo, that’s what!

Some of my longer-time (is that a thing?) readers might be familiar with my NaNoWriMo love. I hardly posted here at all in November, because I was spending so much of my time banging out words on Torn. Well, the big event doesn’t roll around again until next November, but they’re running camp sessions in April and July.


Camp’s a lot more laid-back; this year they’re letting you set your own word-count goals, and are encouraging people to write whatever they want: a book of poetry, a screenplay, a bunch of short stories, a guide to the care and feeding of cephalopods, whatever floats your canoe. Write 10,000 words or write 99,000 words, just do it and have fun.

I’ve already got my cabin assignment; I’m with a good group of people, most of them from Hamburg, Germany. I’ve packed my toothbrush and some cozy blankets for those nights when the wind blows cold off of lake NaNo, lots of tea and cookies. I’ll still have my regular responsibilities around here, still have the kids to love and squish and the husband to hang out with and the dog to walk, but other than that, I’m gonna be writing!

I’ll be here, too, just maybe not as much. It works out, though, because I’ve been posting too much lately. I’ll keep posting WIPpet Wednesday snippets when I can (in fact, I’ve already set a few up– this is me tempting fate again), and I’ll send y’all postcards via this blog.

Try not to miss me too much if I get lost in the woods, OK? 😉

Oh, and there’s still time to register (for free!) if you want to join in the fun. If you do and want to keep in touch via camper messages, my user name over there is KittySparkes.

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