Random Facts: Mounties, Boobs, Socks and Chickens (and other stuffs)

Well. I’ve been nominated for a few blog awards now, and I’m going to be accepting them over the next few weeks (as will be explained later). But most of these things require a list of random facts about myself. Heeeeere’s what I’m gonna do: I’m going to put this post right here and refer back to it so I don’t have to keep track of what I’ve said and what I haven’t.


So, here’s some random crap about me. Feel free to skim or skip. 😉

  • I’m married to a Mountie. Yes, he has the red serge uniform, but I prefer his everyday blue and grey one. No, he doesn’t have a horse. Yes, I wish he did.

    Also, massive boots (with mine)

    Also, massive boots (with mine)

  • I love chickens. Like, I’m obsessed. I want a few laying hens of my own, but getting them around here is a problem (I could get a few varieties of bantams if I wanted, but no one around here has the orpingtons, australorps, and the other big girls I so love). No companies will ship day-old chicks here because mail takes so long. So I sit and weep.
  • My brain explodes when I find things in real life that match up with things in my stories. An actor who holy crap looks exactly like Aren, a breed of horse that’s just an omnivorous diet away from my fictional horse species, a landscape that looks like a place in Tyrea. Freaks me out, and I LOVE IT.
  • I’ve lost 10 lbs since last summer. I want to lose more, but I don’t want to lose more boobage. I’m so torn. BOOBS, DON’T LEAVE ME I NEED YOU.
  • The first story I finished and was proud of after I started recovering from round 1 with depression was called “The Tale of the Three Princesses” and was about what happened when Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel all realized they were married to Prince Charming (that jerk!). I loved it. I have no idea what happened to it.
  • Hey, maybe I’ll re-write that some day…
  • I love crazy socks, especially ones I can mix and match. Wrong colours don’t bother me, but I can’t wear two socks of different weights/textures.

    Got these for Christmas. Fantastic.

    Got these for Christmas. Fantastic.

  • Which reminds me: I have this weird thing where both sides of my body have to be equal. Like, if I hit one toe on a shopping cart, I have to stop and hit the other one to make them feel the same. If I scratch one arm, I have to scratch the other. And if I’m sleeping on one side and have to get up, I can’t fall asleep again on the same side. I have to roll over (yes, even if I’m not consciously thinking about it. Took me YEARS to figure out why I had to keep rolling over)
  • Going back to the sock thing, I enjoy making sock animals and monsters. So cute.
  • I also customize My Little Ponies and Monster High dolls. Well, I did, I don’t have time now.  I can’t seem to grow up.
    Trippy Tulip in terrible lighting

    Trippy Tulip in terrible lighting

    before (l) and after (r). I like mine better. :)

    before (l) and after (r). I like mine better. 🙂

  • My favourite Pinterest board I keep is my Crushable board. I was going to call it “Doable,” but I decided to add my girl crushes, and I kind of don’t swing that way.
  • I have three cats. You’ve seen pictures of Harriet and Lucy (though it’s really hard to get a good picture of a black cat!), but maybe not Charlie. He’s a weird dude. I love him, but he’s nuts. Always has been. All three are former shelter cats, adopted as adults. I highly recommend it.

    Charlie: Psycho-Puss extraordinaire


    Harriet: one classy lady


    Lucy’s “CHEEEEEEESE!” face

  • My favourite book is East of Eden by John Steinbeck. The writing makes me cry because I will never achieve anything like it, and I love the story, the characters, and the way references and themes are woven through the narrative. That said, I’ve never finished any of Steinbeck’s other books. Yet.
  • I want to make a living as a writer. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but I can dream.
  • I think I’m a nice person. I’m also lazy and selfish, though. Not sure what that makes me, other than normal.
  • There are a few celebrities who I dislike far more than I should dislike anyone I’ve never met. They consistently annoy me, and I try to avoid reading or seeing anything having anything to do with them because it all just tends to piss me off more. Hint: if you have ever had a singing career just because you’re pretty (I can’t even explain how much this pisses me off), are famous for being famous, played dumb for TV ratings (please tell me that was an act), continue to be famous for doing nothing of note except for being in public and getting pregnant, and/or give your children whackadoodle names because they’re speshul snowflakes, you might be on that list (I’ve included several people here, but you get the idea). I’ve tried to like you, it’s just not working out. I’m sure this doesn’t bother you at all, but I’m still sorry. When bad things happen to you I do feel sorry for you as a human being, and I might even jump into conversations to defend you on that level. But you still piss me off as a celebrity.
  • Sometimes I rant a little.
  • I am totally wasting time right now that I should be using for more productive things like writing or laundry.
  • I love the smell of tomato plants. They smell like summer.
  • I don’t watch movies very often, but I have a few I’ll watch over and over: Empire Records, Clueless, Sugar and Spice, Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Shipping News, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, several others. I don’t always have the attention span for anything new and/or too serious.
  • It’s very difficult for me to not do posts here on weird things my 5-year old says. He is the king of random.
  • I’m done for now. Anything else you need to know? Ask away. 😉

About Kate Sparkes

Kate Sparkes was born in Hamilton, Ontario, but now resides in Newfoundland, where she tries not to talk too much about the dragons she sees in the fog. She lives with five cats, two dogs, and just the right amount of humans. USA Today bestselling author of the Bound Trilogy (mature YA Fantasy), Into Elurien, and Vines and Vices. Writing dark, decadent, and deadly Urban Fantasy as Tanith Frost. www.katesparkes.com www.tanithfrost.com View all posts by Kate Sparkes

12 responses to “Random Facts: Mounties, Boobs, Socks and Chickens (and other stuffs)

  • L. Marie

    First, Ben Barnes!!!!!!!!!!!! Second, it’s cool that you’re married to a Mountie. I always wondered how Mounties felt about the old Dudley Do Right cartoon and the portrayal of Mounties. And how cool that you want Buff Orpingtons! I wouldn’t mind some Dorking hens. (Love your Crushable list on Pinterest.)

    So why do you think you won’t make a living as a writer? You’re hilarious and witty. What’s to stop you??

    • katemsparkes

      First in response: I KNOW!!!! Top of my list, seriously. *drools all over keyboard*

      AJ doesn’t like Dudley Do Right all that much, but he does think it’s cool to be one of the most recognized symbols of Canada. 🙂

      Dorkings are awesome, and they get bonus points from me for the name.

      And I don’t know. I just find it really hard to imagine that anything will ever come of it. That doesn’t mean much; when I was a teenager I couldn’t picture myself getting married, having kids, or anything about my future, and I thought that meant I was going to die before it happened. Maybe this is the same kind of mental block.

      And thank you. ^.^

    • katemsparkes

      BTW, I’m trying to answer your Liebster award questions right now. So hard!

  • A.M.B.

    East of Eden is a great book (it’s been a while since I last read it, though), but I prefer Grapes of Wrath. That was one of my favorite books in high school.

    I would appreciate posts on what your five-year-old says. I love that age!

  • writerchick

    Hi Kate,
    Love your list and I’m sure this list officially makes you a writer.

    Ah, the smell of tomatoes – I grow them, lots of them in the summer, have 11 plants going right now. They smell like summer and taste like heaven.

    I have a psycho cat who looks a lot like your psycho cat – maybe there is a psycho cat breed? Possible.

    Check out Cannery Row by Steinbeck, I think you would actually really love that one.

    Oh, and you definitely can make a living writing. I mean, If can….anybody can.


  • Jae

    Celebrities are more often than not d-bags. There are a few decent ones in the lot, but good gracious are they divas. (Worked on a film where Joey Lawrence wasn’t the main star, but a side char. He was the worst diva of them all, and much shorter in person than you think). Celebs, typically, me no likey.

    LOVE your customized MLP! Sooooooo amazing! And STOP. THE. PRESSES! You love Empire Records?! That’s only my favorite cult classic of the ’90s EVEEERRRR! I knew there were reasons, lots of reasons we got along so well. I always had a hard time deciding who I liked more, AJ or Lucas. I think I opted toward Lucas, because he was so interesting. And he drove a motorcycle. Aaaaw, them peeps are like old friends, almost family. Have you seen all the alternate endings? I like the one where Rex Manning isn’t as a big a d-bag as we all thought. Also, I can’t seem to watch Grease 2 without thinking, “Say no more, mon amore!” 😉

  • Phillip McCollum

    Well that was a list of random awesomeness. Thanks for sharing!

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    […] I did a post about this a while back. Would it be cheating to refer you there? […]

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