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Loki, You Got Some ‘Splainin to Do!

I told Loki he could come to St. John’s with us this weekend- I was hoping for some epic (and adorable) photo ops.

And then I forgot to pack him.

It seems he was displeased.



Engrish* and Rip-offs and Copyright Infringement, Oh My!

Here we go again! I’ve been collecting pictures every time we stop by Rossy, aka Fakie Central. I just haven’t been posting. Enjoy!


Healthy new fashion! New concept of beauty! Sounds exciting right? Maybe a realistic body image, or…



Apparently this healthy new fashion has no room for frivolities like knees and muscles. THESE THINGS MATTER NOT IN THE HEALTHY NEW FASHION!



Stylish dolls series deserve most to collect!

Wow. Disney is going to slap a bitch (with a lawsuit, obviously). They’re not so keen on the whole copyright infringement thing, y’know?


*headdesk* Now you’ve done it. You’ve stolen the font. THE SACRED DISNEY FONT.


Does anyone else think it looks like the Princesses are experiencing problems with the water pressure in the Royal Showers? Their hair seems to be lacking in that unrealistic bounce and poof thing they usually have going on.

Let’s see what else is happening with this particular product…



I should wrap this up. There’s more for another time, but I need to sort through the BOUNTY OF PHOTOS to make sure I’m not re-posting anything you’ve all seen before. To finish up, let’s have a rip-off from another company– not Mattel or Disney this time, but Hasbro, makers of my beloved My Little Pony:



Knock off toy and stolen box art from my least-favourite generation of ponies. I never would have thought they could be creepier than the Hasbro versions. I was mistaken.



Aww, guys. She loves the collo. Loves it SO DAMN MUCH.

For anyone who can’t read it, that bottom portion reads: “Special Style- Design for the children all are fangled and in the high quality welcome you use our products.”

Well, as long as they’re all fangled… I’ll take one of each. Thanks.

*Yes, I use the term “Engrish” to cover badly-phrased translations from various countries rather than labelling them separately by origin. It’s just easier, and this seems to be the most widely-recognized term for the phenomenon. And no, I’m not mocking, though I do find it amusing, and I’m sure I’d do far worse if I had to translate something into another language from English. I just love it.

Let Me Show You Them (blog challenge Day 19)

Any guesses what it’s time for? Anyone? Is… is anyone still here? *checks microphone*

blog challenge

That’s right, it’s our daily dose of blogspiration, and it’s day 19 today.

“What do you collect?”

Too easy.

My Little Pony.

The obsession started when I was three or four years old. MLP were still fairly new; I missed what are now called the Collector Pose ponies (Minty, Bluebelle, Cotton Candy, Snuzzle, Butterscotch and Blossom), but my first ponies were Applejack, Moonstone and Posey (hey MA! Correct me if I’m wrong, will ya?)

Long story short, I had a ton of ponies, and my brother and I had some amazing adventures with them. Barbie was always the bad guy in those games, a rich, nasty woman named Vanessa Van Vandervan who rode the ponies even though she was far too big for them. Jem may have been in on this in later years. GI Joe was a frequent target for V-Van-V’s affections, but he was always Team Pony (and he was allowed to ride them, because dude was tiny).

I played with ponies for longer than most kids my age, but they eventually got put away in storage, where I visited them occasionally for longer than I care to admit.

So I grew up. I had kids. I saw a couple of ponies at Value Village and grabbed them, but never did anything with them. I started collecting them again about three years ago, around the time when I got into customizing the ones that were in terrible condition. I bought every one I found at thrift stores (first generation and third), cleaned them up and made them smell like my shampoo, displayed them when and where I had space, bought crappy lots on eBay to restore, often rehairing them with nylon doll hair when theirs was too smoky or otherwise ruined.

A few of my yellow friends (the one in the centre has been re-haired)

I still have them, still adore them, but I don’t have the time or money to actively add to the collection now. I display as many of my favourites as I can, and the others wait clean and safe in the closet until they can take their turn on display or find a home with someone who loves them.

My favourite? I have a few, mostly my earliest and best friends. But my absolute favourite is this guy, right here:

Yes, he helps me write.

Daddy Sweet Celebrations was my only boy pony when I was a kid. I have six of him now. STOP JUDGING ME. I don’t hoard cats, I don’t spend my mad money on drugs. I just like ponies…


Shannon Thompson posted a while back showing her impeccably neat workspace (which she admits she’d just finished cleaning- I like that honesty), and asking to see other people’s. Mine was a big ol’ mess at the time, but now it’s… well, it’s as good as it ever gets.


Fancy, eh? I love the roll-top desk; my husband’s grandfather made it, and it’s brilliant for hiding the mess that’s usually all over the flat bit. The shelves, in theory, keep my stuff organized. The drawers stick a bit, but I blame that on the amount of crap I keep in them.

It’s not perfect, but it works.

But it’s not the desk itself that’s important, is it? It’s the other stuff. I know a lot of people like a clear space, free of distractions. I am not those people (or even just one of them, for that matter). My desk is covered in things I need and things that make me happy- things that inspire me, gifts from friends, pictures of people I love. It works for me. Wanna see?


That’s my zombie woodchuck there. He has nothing to do with anything in my work (not until book three, at least*)- he’s just hanging out because he makes me smile (mostly because whoever designed him didn’t mean for him to be a zombie, but he so obviously is). That lunch box there holds stickers, valentines, and other fun stuff I can send to people in the mail. The little guy on top was an early birthday present- adorable AND makes me think of friends. That amazing pen-holder is a mug that my mom painted for me. Let’s ignore the bills on the shelf and move on…

The kingdom of Mid-Desk! Wondering about the ponies? They remind me of a couple of my characters. Don’t ask why, they just do. No, my stories are not about horses. Above them you’ll see a pile of tiny notebooks. They’re for notes. Also headphones, because we all need to block the world out sometimes. I can write with music; for reading I use the White Noise Ambience app. Hand creams, absolutely essential in the winter… oh, hey, and dental floss! I was wondering where that went.


To the left, to the left… Less relevant stuff, mostly- thisspace isn’t just for writing. A doll head in progress and pony bodies, insert evil laugh here. That huge book is a Literature textbook I borrowed from my mother-in-law; the glass doorknob is from our last apartment. I love it- I might start collecting glass doorknobs some day. Ever held one? They feel great. Um… Oh, notecards, going back to sending stuff to friends. Also some outgoing mail, and a rock that a friend who I miss very much decorated for me.

Wondering where the books are? They have their own shelf right next to the desk.

Books about writing, my four larger notebooks (we’ll look at those another day, why not?),  novels I’ve read recently or will be reading soon- hey, there’s another whole post right there! Don’t mind the bottom shelf- that’s kids’ books and two Narnia DVDs… Which are totally for the kids. *ahem*

So there you go. No, I’m not opening the drawers for you; the contents have nothing to do with writing, and I’m afraid that if I open them they’ll never close. Also not going to show you my other workspaces- the kitchen table, my bed, and the couch- because they’re the next places I need to clean. Ugh.


Pooka Pie

No time for a big post today (I know, such a shame, right?). There was no post on Tuesday because we were on our way home from St John’s, where my son had a hospital dentist appointment, but I’m still going to try to stick with a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday posting schedule. We’ll see how that goes next month…

But for today, Halloween! Not really, but I found our decorations yesterday, which was pretty exciting. We don’t decorate a lot, but I like what we’ve got- especially my ponies.

I made Pooka Pie and her baby… Last year? I think? So hard to remember. They don’t live on my shelf like my other customs- it feels more special when you only get to see holiday stuff for part of the year.


I’d show you the rest of the Halloween, but our weather here today is downright spooky, meaning no good light for pictures. This is close enough:


That was yesterday. There’s not much more… Sad, really. No lights, no gravestones, no spider webs (aside from the ones I should really be cleaning up in the basement). Call it a work in progress.

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