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COVER REVEAL: Covenant by Tanith Frost

Covenant (Immortal Soulless Book Four)
Tanith Frost


Tame the dragon. Close the rift. Don’t trust anyone.

Aviva’s new assignment sounds like something out of a fairy tale, except this time the damsel has been tasked with guarding the dragon. Though he’s plenty to deal with all on his own, it soon becomes clear that this monster trapped in human form is the least of her worries. The open rift that brought him to Earth threatens the veil of secrecy protecting the supernatural world, and the vampires of Maelstrom need to find it before they’re exposed. Worse, it seems that they may not be the only ones hunting for it. If the strange power that flows through the rift falls into the wrong hands, it could spell disaster for Aviva and everyone she cares about.

With only a shifty dragon-man and an inexperienced enchantress by her side, Aviva races to find the rift before the enemy does—a task that only grows more challenging when she uncovers a trail of deception and lies that leads straight to the highest ranks of her clan.

(Cover art by Jessica Allain)

The Immortal Soulless series continues in Covenant, and it’s only getting more exciting! Don’t forget that book one, Resurrection, is available for 99 cents (ebook format), but only for a limited time. That makes this the perfect time to start your summer reading binge! If you like your vampires bloodthirsty, your villains murderous, your shifters too hot for anyone’s own good, and your urban fantasy soaked in dark powers and deep mysteries, this just might be the series for you.

(Bonus points if you like your paranormal activities happening in Canada!)

Have fun… and prepare to lose some sleep. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Resurrection links

Covenant pre-order links





B is for Bestiary.

Know what’s the Most Fun Thing about writing Fantasy?

I don’t.

Really. There are too many things to choose from. Creating a world? Playing with magic, setting limits and then exploring what’s possible within them? The ability to throw nearly anything at your characters to screw up their plans? Planting familiar human struggles in a strange world?

Maybe. But one of the things I have the most fun with is creatures. Animals. Mythical beasts, both previously known and not. Setting them free in a world and seeing what happens.

You’d recognize many of mine. You like dragons? I’ve got ’em. Young and nasty ones, old and… well, they’re different. I was going to give you a snippet for WIPpet Wednesday of Aren explaining dragons, but it just doesn’t work as a snappy excerpt, and y’all have enough to read from me this week.

But yeah, we’ve got dragons here. They don’t play a huge role in the story, but they’re vitally important to the larger world that it’s set in, and they do make several appearances.

Rawr. (

What else have we got? Gryphons (see above). A species (sub-species?) of winged humans known as the Aeyer. Flying horses, too. Merfolk. Cave fairies. Rumors of unicorns, unconfirmed by any of my characters as of right now. Sea monsters and water dragons. Humans, magical and not. And then there are the animals you’d be familiar with: cats, dogs, eagles, rabbits, geese, horses… well, you’d be familiar with a small number of the horses. The native ones are a little different.

Maybe that’s the Most Fun Thing about writing Fantasy. We get to take the everyday and stand it on its head, take it apart and re-build it into something better or more sinister or more challenging. If we want horses to be omnivorous beasts that are better suited to our world, we can do that. If we want dragons to be quick and nearly mammalian or slow and cold-blooded as any lizard from our world, who’s going to say we’re wrong?* As long as we’re consistent and work within the world and the rules we’ve set out**, we can do as we please. When we’re staring at the blank page at the beginning of a new project, there are no limits.

Huh. Maybe that’s why I don’t write anything set in our world. And why I find real life boring. And…

For more A-Z Challenge goodness, click on over here!


*No offense to lizards. I like them a lot. I just think that being cold-blooded must be a pain sometimes.

**Which means no inventing new creatures or magical abilities just to get the hero out of a jam. Be consistent and at least foreshadow that stuff, dude.


Sunday ROW80 Update (and also Socks)

When I was a kid, socks were the worst Christmas gift ever, except for maybe underwear, especially when opened in front of OTHER PEOPLE OMG THE HORROR. But really, socks were pretty low on the list of Things That Make Great Gifts for Me.

Now? I got seven pair of socks from my husband for Christmas, and it was fan-frigging-tastic.

Of course, we’re not talking white tube socks. Oh no. We’re talking Cats.


We’re talking beautiful koi:


Guys… we’re talking DRAGONS. Red ones, too, which is kind of perfect for me.



These are all from Sock Dreams, by the way, which is a fantastic website to waste hours on if you’re like me and think fancy socks are just the bee’s knees (or the dragon’s Volkswagen, as the case may be). You can make a wish list while you’re there, too. Mine just got a bit shorter when I ordered four more pair (don’t judge me, it’s an investment to make the ones I have last longer), but it’s still pretty great. I really need those whale and ship ones…

I’ve been informed that I can’t buy the BITCH socks. I say that I need to be able to say “Watch out people, I’ve got my bitch socks on today!” and mean it, but I suppose that’s a bad idea now that the kids can read.


Anyway, I owe an update. I missed Wednesday, but not because I wasn’t working. Things are actually going really well– or they were when the kids were in school, anyway.

EDITING: I did a little restructuring that cut some words and made the story a bit tighter. Didn’t remove as many words as I’d like, but we’ll see how that looks when I read over it. Only one more big thing to fix (involving gender-flipping a character, which I think will be fun). Otherwise, there’s just regular old editing and hunting for pesky over-used and unnecessary words. I got the ms under 110,000 words. We’ll see how much more I can do. Also, Project Semicolon Elimination was a near-complete success. I think there are four left in the entire book, down from… well, hundreds. I lost count.

READING: So, I read that ARC I said I’d read. I’ve been a little nervous about promising reviews on books, because I’m an honest reviewer and I’ve been disappointed in the past (not by any of my readers here, though, just so’s you know). No worries with this one! I’ll review here on the blog next month. Super good book, I’m so glad I did this.

OTHER STUFF: I’m the best wife ever today. I’ve got a pot roast in the slow cooker (thanks to the meal planning I did last weekend), I made chicken salad for AJ’s lunch tomorrow, the kitchen is clean, laundry’s in… lots of good stuff. I still wasn’t able to exercise much this week, but I got Jack out for a walk the other day. Yaaaaaay… Hey, it’s something. And I’m seeing a chiropractor on Tuesday. I’m just a little excited about that, let me tell you.

So there you go, another update. I know, the blog is all updates and Engrish right now. Things will get more content-y soon, I promise.

So, what’s new with you?

WIPpet Wednesday: Lucky You

Well HELLOOOOOOOO. (Feel free to read that in a Jerry Seinfeld voice, if that’s your thing. It’s not mine, but I won’t judge.) Welcome again to WIPpet Wendesday, which I will be participating in again this week. Things aren’t back to normal, exactly; I seem to have lost my will to write. I’ll get back to it. In the meantime, have eleven sentences from the next chapter of… um… well, I don’t know what to call it. The Thingy That I Shared From Those Other Times seems sort of inappropriate as a title, but that’s what it is.

This doesn’t pick up exactly where we left off last time (Part one here, part two here); I’m skipping a few introductions and the first part of the “Where the heck are we” conversation, simply because these eleven sentences are more interesting on their own, and I can do that, because this is my blog. OH, THE POWER.

I walked a few paces behind her and tried not to stumble in the road as I took in the world around me. It looked so much like the land I was familiar with— the moss-covered boulders rising from the ground, the birches and pines and aspens. A red squirrel nattered at us as we passed by, and a startled grouse darted out of the road as we came around a bend. But it was like there was another world laid over the one I was familiar with, with strange birds and plants I’d never seen in my summers exploring the woods around Brightdale. I reached out to touch a blue, magnolia-like flower. “Don’t worry,” Genessa said. “Nothing along this road is magic. Kind of like where you come from, right?”

“We don’t have magic or dragons, if that’s what you mean. Except in stories.”

“Lucky you.”

If you do want to read the whole story, and assuming that I can go back in time and rescue my writing mojo from Dr Evil (who OBVIOUSLY has stolen it, because what else could it be?), I’m thinking about using this one to try out Wattpad. This is a little side-story (probably novella-length) set in the same world as the novels I’m working on, so that might be a fun project, and it’s no big loss if it doesn’t work out. Not for promotion, just for fun.

Want more WIPpet fun? Check out the linkie here to see what the other WIPpeteers are up to, and feel free to join in. The more the merrier! Thanks as always to the fantabulotronic K.L. Schwengel for hosting.

What else do we need to do today? My ROW80 update, of course!

Obviously I haven’t been getting much writing done, but I’ve got some revision planning on the go, so that kind of counts toward writing, even if I’m nowhere near hitting a thousand words a day. Or 500. Or three. My other goals are going well, though. I said I was going to do meal-planning, and I’m kind of sticking with that. I finished that pony for that secret… thing, and she turned out really pretty. I don’t have a picture of her yet, but I can show you the bonus pony I did; I don’t think the person who’s getting these reads my posts, anyway.

The problem is, I did this one as a last-minute extra, and I’m having a hard time thinking about sending her away. LOOK HOW ADORABLE!


Freaking Baby Bubbles. Stop it. Don’t look at me like that. STAHP!


Anyway, I finished my son’s Beothuk Barbie doll in time for his birthday, which was another goal. She turned out OK. I researched clothes, and then realized how difficult that was going to be, but I think I did a decent job with it. I re-did her face, but left her hair. I didn’t have the time, energy, or skill to do a re-root (it’s much harder on dolls than on ponies), so she has some lovely and inauthentic sun-kissed highlights going on. In any case, he loved her, and that was the goal. If he wants to put ochre (or more likely, red chalk pastels) on her skin and clothes, we’ll make a project of that and talk about the culture. Learning time!


So there you go. Progress on some things, just not on what this challenge is really about (ie writing). We’ll see how the next week goes…

So tell me: Have you used Wattpad for reading or writing all of the free things? What did you think? Would anyone be interested in seeing this one finished and posted? Do you have dragons where you live? Would you like to? Can I borrow your time machine? Do you want to use the word “fantabulotronic?” You totally can.



No photograph available; artist did the best she could.

Atlantic Puffin Dragon (Draguffin)

Wyvernus Fraturcula

Size: 45-50 cm long (to base of tail)

Location: Coastal Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada), Greenland, Iceland; open waters of the North Atlantic (winter)

Feeding: fish, small birds

Breeding habits: unknown

Flames/Smoke: no

Venom: no

Description: The Atlantic Puffin Dragon (often called the “Draguffin”) is a small species of semi-aquatic dragon. It is one of the finest mimics in the dragon world, having the appearance of an Atlantic Puffin in the foreparts and feet. The beak-like snout conceals sharp teeth, and the bat-type wings are coloured to reflect the typical wing size and coloration of the puffin. The rear parts of the dragon and the extremities of the wings fade to blue, offering some camouflage against sea or, to a lesser extent, sky. It’s a convincing effect, but not perfect. In fact, the only reason this common species is not spotted more frequently is that most people simply aren’t looking for dragons, and tend to only see what they expect to see.

One might suppose that on land the Draguffin should be easier to see, as the length of the body places the distinctive orange feet some distance from the black portion of the body, and the wings take the function of front legs,a necessity due to the length of the body. In fact, they are almost never spotted on land, as it’s nearly impossible to pick out details in a crowd of black and white shapes (see also: zebra herds).

Note: In the past, some have classified the Puffin Dragon as a species of Cockatrice, but this is incorrect. The cockatrice is a a dragon with the head of a rooster; the Draguffin is a proper (if elongated) wyvern, with a face only resembling a bird’s head. It’s really not that hard, people.

Dragon-Watching Tips: The Atlantic Puffin Dragon is found exclusively among the large flocks of puffins that gather on Atlantic shores to breed in spring and summer, and follows them out to sea for the winter. When watching puffins in flight, be alert for signs of a darker shape trailing beside and behind; this could be the wings and tail of a Draguffin. Always wary of humans, they generally prefer to swim when boats are near, which makes the wings and tail nearly impossible to see. The Puffin Dragon mimics the floating posture of the puffin bird nearly perfectly, but can be identified by a thinner neck and longer black projections over the eyes than those on the birds. The Draguffin’s skin is scaled; it is nearly impossible to get close enough to see the texture, but sunlight may reveal the metallic sheen that distinguishes the dragon.

If you think you see a puffin attacking a Great Black-Backed Gull (the puffin’s most frequent predator), there’s a good chance it’s a Draguffin; many a gull that has approached a lone puffin looking for a snack has found itself instead staring into a dragon’s maw, the last thing they’re likely to see.

Thanks to Jae for suggesting the Draguffin as a compromise between showing you all a dragon and a puffin. Really, thanks… I totally needed help procrastinating this weekend. 😉

The Puffin Dragon isn’t part of my fictional world (yet), but I like it. I kind of want to put one somewhere.

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